We've moved!

We have moved to a new location and joined a group dental practice, Forever Dental, at 5738 W Belmont Ave (just down Belmont, at Belmont and Central!)
We are excited to continue serving you with compassionate and quality dental care.
You can learn more about the move here.
We are looking forward to seeing you at Forever Dental!
Dr. George Frayn


            Dedicated to the Health
           and Beauty of Your Smile

Patient Comments

The Precision Dental Arts team delivers excellent dentistry and an excellent experience!

"Dr. Frayn is the 'Leonardo da Vinci' of teeth"   Pat Erdman

"Dr. Frayn is a tooth artist."   Joanne Ferina

"Dr. Frayn is like a tour guide in a fine museum.  He explains everything so carefully and paints a picture of exactly what's going to be done.  He makes you feel totally at ease, and his work is of the highest quality."     Lillian Stratigakes

"Dr. Frayn truly is a "painless" dentist."    John Pistorius

"Throughout the years we have had better and worse experiences when it comes to services provided by dentists.  We discovered that neither location, nor cost, nor diplomas from prestigious colleges can really tell you what kind of care you are going to receive.  We have never met anyone who cares for his patients with such diligence, thoroughness and attention to detail as Dr. Frayn does . . . and that is the reason why, despite the fact that we have to drive up all the way from Northbrook to see him, we continue to trust only him with our family's dental care."    The Nowak Family

"When you have confidence in a doctor, no one else will do . . .I value the fact that Dr. Frayn provides me with the most up-to-date dental care by keeping abreast of the latest developments through seminars and other means.  I know with Dr. Frayn there will be no surprises and I feel that he is truly doing his best to put his patients at ease."     Joesph Florence

"Members of our family have been going to Dr. Frayn since he first opened his practice, here in the neighborhood . . . He has always explained his work and procedures in a way that even the youngest of our children could understand. We are pleased with his work, and we like the way the office feels comfortable and attractive."   The Cook Family

"Why do I trek all the way across the city to Dr. Frayn's office on public transportation?  Because I respect his ability, I appreciate his concern for my health, and I trust him to give me his best efforts."    Nancy Snider